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About Us


Who we are


The Antler Inc.  is a next-generation operations consulting (business processes) and brands communication company with particular expertise in benchmarking, best practices implementation, design and process transformation.

We are an operations improvement consulting firm that breaks through the traditional barriers of the consultant-client relationship. We are hands-on consultants who deliver real results and no excuses.

Our proprietary business processes and behaviour-change methods/ tools coupled with our expertise in design enable us to provide ingenious ideas and implement performance improvement more rapidly and sustainably. Antler’s approach to performance improvement is unique in terms of its transfer of knowledge that enhances internal capabilities and its hands-on and collaborative work style with the client.

While working across most industries, Antler is experienced in and focused on two industries: Agriculture and Logistic.

We prioritize ideas that present the highest profit potential and practicality and we help implement profitability programs like new product launches, brand engineering, business alignment, process optimization and management outsourcing.


What we do


We’re roll-up-our-sleeves operations management consultants. We won’t hesitate to get in there and work side-by-side with your staff. Whether it’s in the front office, the back office, or anywhere in-between. We’ll be there before, during and after the project. We implement our recommendations. We transfer our knowledge. We train your employees.


Most companies start out with efficient processes in place. But over time, those processes become less clear, eventually leading to gross inefficiencies. Our experience helps us to more easily spot problems and resolve them using the right methodology for your industry.


Antler: Business Process Consultant | Brand Communication Agency. All works are designed by us, unless stated otherwise.