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The 3 Most Important Skills in Sales. It’s not all about closing.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, businessperson or CEO, sooner or later you are going to realize that sales rule the business world. That’s how you bring in the revenue and grow your company.

But, when people talk about sales, they often talk about closing. You’ve probably heard the ABCs of sales (Always Be Closing) or the phrase “coffee is for closers”, but there are other important aspects of sales, too. You need people in your company to find new sales avenues and locate new potential clients, and people to develop those relationships to the point where you can close.
Patrick Bet-David classifies the sales skills into 3 important classes:

Bet-DavidIranian-American entrepreneur and founder of one of the fastest growing insurance sales, marketing and distribution firm in the U.S.- PHP Agency LLC, Patrick Bet-David is a successful entrepreneur, emerging author and popular blogger committed to shaping the next generation of leaders with a voice of honesty and sometimes-controversial insights. 


  1. Finder: A finder initiates contact and is great at getting through the front desk to the executive assistant and then the CEO that is going to purchase the product to be sold by the closer. Finders are sociable, great at networking and people just love them.
  2. Closer: Closers are very confident people. They are good at asking questions and questioning the system. Closers know a product from the inside out and can convince any potential customer to make a purchase.
  3. Developer: Someone that follows up periodically with the client closed by the closer and found by the finder in a non-invasive manner.

Most companies and people identify closers as the most important sale skill and function however Patrick Bet-David considers the finder the most essential skill of the three. Find out in the video below what informs his philosophy and how to groom your sales force to be both effective and efficient.

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