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Apps and Software: What you need to set up your business

Apps and Software: What you need to set up your business

“Apps are are a type of software. All apps are software, but not all software are apps.” Nigeria barely identifies as a digital country seeing as paper shuffling and antiquated techniques are still very much how work gets done. If we are being totally honest, we are the Flintstones in a generation of Tony Starks. Things however are slowly changing as millennial are assimilated into the workforce bringing with them the force of the app age and gradually influencing the way work is done- for better or for worse. In the world over, Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are constantly looking to new technologies to create a more productive, more efficient and more innovative workforce. In addition, the rising trend of remote workers and co-working spaces has led to an increase in on-demand data, data that is accessible at any time and anywhere. Here and some affordable ways today to leverage on software/application solution to help increase productivity and improve efficiency of your team. (more…)

admin November 9, 2017